Where are Paula Deen’s sons?

Paula Deen courtesy of The Examiner

Paula Deen courtesy of The Examiner


Paula Deen has certainly stepped in it, hasn’t she? The racial slurs, the plantation-style wedding with servers dressed like “slaves”, and now an uncomfortable 2012 video interview with the NY Times has surfaced where she discusses racism in the South and says one of her employees “is as black as this board.”

I understand that Paula is a 66 year old woman, born and raised in the South. But she’s young enough and wealthy enough to know better than to be so recklessly free with expressing her views on race.

Thankfully, my 71 year old mother knows better.

My mom is no racist (and Ms. Deen may not be either), but she’s had to adjust to living in an increasingly diverse community where English is often a second language. A trip to a fast food restaurant or other business establishment can sometimes be a stressful experience for her. But luckily, she’s got the good sense to only express her frustration at home or within closed quarters.

When her displeasure begins to creep out in public, my brother and I step in to ease the tension. We also work to keep her current and in a reversal of roles, we often expose her to new cultural experiences.

It’s time for Paula Deen’s sons to step up and help their mom rebuild her inner circle. She apologized to them first in her two mea culpa videos over the weekend, so she’s fully aware of the potential damage to their careers. Paula’s Food Network contract is no more and Smithfield Ham dropped her today as a spokesperson, but the boys can help her mitigate any future damage.



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Trayvon Martin’s father asks for prayers as jury selection begins in Zimmerman trial

Let’s all pray that justice is served.

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Why caring for children is not just a parent’s job

Despite all of the attacks from Sarah Palin and others, Melissa is right. My brother became a father at 19. He’s now 31 and will graduate from a top business school in three weeks. Our family is the village responsible for providing emotional and financial support to my brother’s now 12 year old son. We willingly made this sacrifice to give my brother enough time to reach his full potential and be in a better position to provide for his son.

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How Ben Carson bungled a potential political career

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VIDEO: Soledad O’Brien signs off for the last time on ‘Starting Point’

What does Soledad O’Brien’s departure from CNN say about the network’s commitment to diversity on its network shows?

Starting Point

“Starting Point” host Soledad O’Brien reflects on her tenure on the show and reveals her future plans.

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Response to Juan Williams’ Wall Street Journal op-ed on race and guns

Dear Editor:

I respect Mr. Williams for bringing attention to the issue of guns and race (Race and the Gun Debate op-ed, 3/26), but he’s misguided. It’s wrong to point to the rise in single-parent households as the main reason behind gun violence affecting inner cities.

The glorification of violence associated with the underbelly of the hip hop culture, the absence of popular after-school activities, and the under-involvement of engaged and upstanding adults–especially men–in the community are the principal causes. If the overwhelming majority of messages young people receive are negative, and there are no positive counter-messages, how can we expect them to make good decisions?

President Obama has had an extraordinarily positive effect on many young people in the black and Latin communities. But they’ve never not dreamed of becoming successful.  Many, like my 12 year-old biracial nephew, say the mere presence of the president and Mrs. Obama has made their dreams seem more achievable.  But unlike my nephew and other young people who are surrounded with positive support and engaged in a plethora of extracurricular activities, many are being lost under the weight of economic pressures still facing their families.

These pressures have diverted the attention of many parents. Many, struggling just to stay afloat and provide basic needs, have even put pressure on their children to contribute to the household finances. With this added pressure from home, no real jobs to speak of close by and darned little else to keep them focused on laying the groundwork to build successful futures, it’s a safe bet to say the true impact of the president’s influence on young people of color won’t be felt until they all feel the benefits of the economic recovery.

Tawana Jacobs

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Wall Street Journal op-ed: Race and the Gun Debate

March 26, 2013
By Juan Williams

This week much of the talk about gun control concerns New York Mayor Michael Bloombergs $12 million ad campaign to put pressure on senators in key states to support legislation that he backs. Or the talk is about the National Rifle Association’s pushback against the Bloomberg campaign. Then there was last week’s mini-tempest over Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid‘s decision not to include Sen. Dianne Feinstein‘s assault-weapon ban in a comprehensive gun-control bill the Senate will take up next month.

One thing you don’t hear much about in the discussions of guns: race.

That is an astonishing omission, because race ought to be an inescapable part of the debate. Gun-related violence and murders are concentrated among blacks and Latinos in big cities. Murders with guns are the No. 1 cause of death for African-American men between the ages of 15 and 34. But talking about race in the context of guns would also mean taking on a subject that can’t be addressed by passing a law: the family-breakdown issues that lead too many minority children to find social status and power in guns.  Read more

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