Election 2012 post-mortem: The racial ignorance continues

Most of America has moved on from last week’s election, but the season of racial hatred and ignorance continues. Residents in nearly 40 states have filed petitions to secede from the country. Ole Miss is recovering from election night race riots. Republicans like Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller are yearning for the America they once knew. Even noted African-American progressive intellectual Cornel West has jumped headfirst into the fray, saying President Obama is a “Rockefeller Republican in blackface.”

Some believe West muddied up a worthy policy critique of the president with an offensive, racist insult because his ego still cannot accept exclusion from Obama’s circle of intellectual advisors.

The Republicans, on the other hand, are still making excuses for why they lost the minority vote so resoundingly.

Mitt Romney and others within the party attribute their loss to President Obama’s so-called “gifts” to minorities. If immigration reform, fair economic policy, jobs and a stronger feeling of inclusion and respect are gifts, then sign me up.

The election results speak for themselves. Let’s hope the Republicans get the lesson. If the split on immigration reform is any indication of what the future will bring, the group has a long way to go.


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